Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Cedar Park

If you’ve decided it’s time to sell your Cedar Park home, you should be aware that the market is headed in an interesting direction. While some factors are beginning to favor buyers, those selling homes in this thriving, affluent Austin suburb still have market factors working in their favor.

For starters, the market in Cedar Park and the surrounding Austin area remains competitive even though prices are leveling off after reaching an all-time high earlier this year. That said, people listing homes for sale in Cedar Park, TX can still expect to make a nice profit if they’ve lived in the home for several years. It might take a little longer to sell the home than it would have in recent months, but there is still a strong demand. While buyers are benefiting from an increasing inventory, many homes are still selling for right around the listing price.

According to Austin Board of Realtors, the median home price in Cedar Park is $580,000, which has trended upward from the 2021 median of $511,000. Attractive homes usually sell for the listing price and go pending after just a week on the market. There are some well-established home selling tips to follow to arrive at a successful sale, including hiring the right real estate agent and smartly marketing the residence, including understanding what buyers are looking for.

Hire a great agent

Every successful real estate transaction starts with hiring a smart agent who has spent several years helping clients sell homes in this community of about 78,000 residents. Take the time to fully research agents and their recent record of success before narrowing the field to two or three to interview. Sitting down for a one-on-one session allows the agent to better explain her recent sales successes and give you an idea of how she will market your home.

This is also where you can get a sense of their knowledge of the market. Also, be looking for a sense of trustworthiness and great communication skills. Those qualities will help put you at ease during a process that can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially if this is the first time you are selling a home. These are major reasons why luxury home sellers turn to Rica Greenwood for the best client services in the market.

Set a realistic price

Once you’ve hired an agent, there are certain steps the seller must forge ahead with, such as making repairs and staging the home so that it shines during private showings and open houses. Together, you and your agent will set a competitive price for your home. In the current market, it’s imperative to determine fair market value because sellers do not hold all the cards like they once did. You might have a price in mind, but your agent has specific tools to arrive at a listing price. That way, you don’t make mistakes like pricing it too low, which will cost you thousands of dollars, or too high, which can cause it to sit on the market too long and even force you to eventually lower the price.

The main tool at her disposal is to run a comparative market analysis (CMA). This involves comparing your home with similar homes in the same neighborhood that are currently on the market or have sold recently. Among the factors that come into play in a CMA are square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, updated features, and any sought-after community amenities. By comparing sales prices of other properties, your agent will suggest the appropriate price to list your home.

Smart marketing

A great agent will have seen how the market has changed since the pandemic and knows the demographic of buyers who want to enjoy the Cedar Park lifestyle. By knowing what buyers are looking for, whether they are families looking for a spacious home or professionals who will be working from home, your agent can tailor a marketing campaign to get the home in front of buyers who are looking for luxury homes that will allow them to fully enjoy the Austin-area lifestyle.

Modern real estate marketing is about more than just the home itself. While it’s still important to highlight a home’s great features, it’s also critical to focus on the community, the lifestyle, and specifics about the neighborhood, such as schools, parks, shopping, dining, and other attractions. Online listings are invaluable because many home buyers begin their search from other states or countries, and their first exposure to the Cedar Park real estate market will be via these online listings.

Your agent will assist in producing an online listing that will include many high-quality photographs taken by a professional that illustrate each room and the important features and amenities. This is especially important for marketing homes to buyers who have the means to purchase a luxury residence and expect high value in return. The listing will appear on all the major real estate websites as well as any hyper-local sites that your agent is aware of. You and your agent can both amplify the listing via social media postings.

She will also be in touch with other agents to let them know about your pending listing, which can develop sales leads even before your home goes on the market. That is one of the major benefits of working with an agent who has honed a top reputation and professional relationships with fellow agents.

Get started today

While these are the major home-selling tips, you will learn many more when you partner with a great agent. Once you’re ready to list your home for sale, contact Rica Greenwood to find out how her expertise and experience in the luxury market will pay off with a quick sale for top dollar.

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