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Why Some People Sell Their Homes Quicker Than Others

Rica Greenwood  |  September 20, 2023

Why Some People Sell Their Homes Quicker Than Others
Whether you are relocating for business or finally found your dream home, you are likely considering selling the house you currently call home. The Austin housing market is ever-changing, but knowing what helps a home sell quickly can give you a competitive edge.

The seller creates a stunning first impression

The first impression is vital for helping sell a home fast. If you are emotionally attached to your home, you may see its beauty, even when it is not looking its best. A potential buyer, however, sees only what you offer them — and curb appeal is everything in real estate. Consider how a buyer will view your home the first time they drive up to tour it. Is there minor maintenance you can handle now? Repairing porch handrails, cleaning the driveway, or cleaning up the landscaping are simple and effective ways to improve the external attractiveness of your property quickly. Your home's curb appeal is the ultimate first impression and will be what sets it apart from your competition in the beginning. If your agent makes suggestions for adding curb appeal, consider them earnestly, and you will have a better chance of selling your house quickly.

Their agent has a superior marketing strategy

Multiple factors go into real estate marketing, but an experienced agent will have a strong marketing plan tailored to your property. You want to lure buyers in quickly, so it is important that you work closely with your agent and allow them to identify opportunities and implement their marketing strategy quickly and effectively.

They use a professional photographer

A good agent will ensure you have high-quality photographs that provide an excellent first impression and visual representation of the property. A professional photographer can capture the right angles and lighting to ensure the best features of the home are highlighted. When a buyer falls in love with a property through photographs, it is easier to entice them into the house for a tour.

They take advantage of virtual tours

With the changing landscape of real estate through viral marketing, you can quickly attract buyers with a virtual tour. Many homebuyers start their search online, so taking advantage of this key feature in marketing will help your home stand out. Quality video tours, 3D walk-throughs, interactive maps, and virtual open houses can showcase the unique and most desirable elements of your home. Drone footage can even give buyers a better idea of the yard, proximity to or distance from neighbors, and other features that may be important on their checklist. A potential buyer can connect with your home more readily through photographs and videos, which makes the selling process easier for you.

They embrace professional staging

Your home needs to be clean and clutter-free, but you should also invest in professional staging to increase its overall appeal. You want to eliminate any feeling or appearance of cramped, dark, cluttered, small spaces. A professionally staged home is intentionally set up to invite as many potential buyers into the home as possible by highlighting its best features and downplaying weaker points. By creating a neutral atmosphere, staging allows buyers to visualize themselves in the space and become more interested in the home. The more buyers that are interested, the more likely you are to receive quality offers. Studies show that investing in staging before listing a property increases the chances of selling the home up to 87% faster than if you list before or without any staging.

The house is in move-in condition

If your home can be marketed as move-in condition, it will likely draw more attention. Many buyers do not want to flip or remodel a house, so ensuring your home is free of defects can increase the chances of serious buyers making a quick offer. Your agent can give you some insight into what local buyers seek and make appropriate recommendations for necessary repairs before you list your home. Some sellers may even choose to have an inspection completed to ensure there are no hidden problems that might scare off buyers. If you do decide that repairs or upgrades are necessary, choose wisely.

They highlight desired interior features

If you know the home needs repairs or renovations, or you are considering doing any remodeling before selling, think about which ones will attract buyers and also have a good return on investment. Talk to your agent about choosing the best remodeling and repair projects for your situation. Certain design features go in and out of style, so they can help you determine what is attractive to current buyers. Whether it is a specific style of kitchen cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, or a tankless water heater, choose the right features to make your home move-in ready and desirable to help it sell quickly.

The price is right

Trust your real estate agent and their expertise. With their knowledge and research of comps, they can help you price your home appropriately. Serious buyers will do their research too, and they will know if your home is overpriced. Depending on the market, your agent may suggest pricing slightly lower than you may have expected based on current market prices, but there is a reason for this strategy. Drawing in potential buyers with a low price brings more visibility to your listing. When combined with other strategies, buyers will see a beautiful, well-maintained home at a great price. Having the right buyers viewing your property can generate multiple offers, leading to a bidding war. This can progress rapidly, resulting in a quick sale at a higher price.

Working with the best agent

When you work with an experienced Austin real estate agent like Rica Greenwood, you will have more success with your home-selling journey. Rica's local market knowledge, ability to analyze comps, and negotiation skills will make your entire real estate experience more pleasurable. Rica is a vibrant and tenacious consultant who collaborates closely with clients on pricing, staging, curb appeal, and marketing to ensure positive results. With a strong professional network that expands her ability to provide superior service and make your home a competitive force in the Austin real estate market, Rica is ready to sell your home quickly. When you are ready to begin the home selling process, contact Rica for outstanding service every step of the way.

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